Gino Scarpelli

Gino Scarpelli, guitarist and composer was born in Cosenza, Calabria in southern Italy on September 2, 1951. He started playing guitar at the age of four and was soon being mentored by his uncle, an accomplished violinist. On the echoing hills of Italy, Gino practised regularly developing his unique sound and by the age of twelve had already played his first pro gig.

Gino made Canada his new home in June 1966 where he was asked to join a band. Even though Gino was the youngest member of the band, he soon found himself directing and leading that band. After all, Gino was already a veteran having played for eleven years. While in school he worked part-time in a theatre as an usher. His boss liked Gino’s band so much that he offered Gino his theatre as a rehearsal space. After hearing them play, Gino’s boss asked the band to open for a, then very famous, singer from Italy, Nicola DI Bari.

During his 48 year career, Gino recorded numerous albums with various artists including 10 albums with Goddo. He played with The Extensions, The Idigo Five, Motherlode, Tightass, Second Wind , BOO, Brutus and Goddo. When Gino is not playing with Goddo, he is trading licks and sharing the stage with his son, Gene Scarpelli in THE SCARPELLI GENE POOL. Other members include Gino’s son-in-law, Joe Vilardo, and his good friends and adopted sons, Dom Audino and Dennis Colautti – a nice bunch of Irish fellas.

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